Kate & Theo Frost, Freedom for Theo

A mother’s determination to raise £30,000 for her disabled son was demonstrated at a meeting of Dover Rotary Club on the last day of October.
Mrs Kate Frost, the wife of a Dover carpenter and mother of three, told why she was devoting much of her life to raise £30,000 to pay for two years of physiotherapy for her six-year-old son Theo who has cerebral palsy. Theo is a pupil at Whitfield primary school. Members of Dover Rotary Club have given £500 towards the £30,000, now about £8,000 short of target.
Mrs Frost said originally she was aiming to raise £76,000 which would have paid to send Theo to the USA for an operation but since then the NHS had agreed to pay for the required surgery, following which there would be the need for at least two years of physiotherapy for which the £30,000 is required. She thanked those who had and were helping to raise the £30,000 including those at Astor school.
“Raising this money had been my whole life for some time now as I know it will completely change Theo’s life, although the physiotherapy is likely to have to continue all his life” said Mrs Frost.

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