Thomas Walton, Life as a Junior Doctor

Junior doctor Thomas Walton told members of Dover Rotary Club his aim is to be a surgeon but that could take up to 15 years costly training. Thomas, son of Dover District Council director Roger Walton, entitled his talk The Reflections of a Junior Doctor. He was introduced by his father, a member of the Rotary Club.
Thomas started his education at Kingsdown primary school before attending Sir Roger Manwood’s at Sandwich where he was appointed head boy. He revealed his interest in medicine was boosted because part of his left leg was amputated as a child because of a problem at his birth.
Part of his medical training included a four week spell in New Zealand for which he was partly sponsored by Dover Rotary Club.
Thomas, married to a doctor, detailed the long career pathway ahead of him, and the cost (loans are available), the long hours (some of which are unpaid), and the work-home life balance. But, he added, the job was really worthwhile and intellectually stimulating.

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