DGGS Interact Handover

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Girls’ Grammar Interact Club present cheques for Kelly Turner Appeal and Picaflor House Peru.
As the sixth formers at Dover Grammar School for Girls move towards the end of the academic year and their departure from the school the Interact Club members held their handover arrangements on Tuesday 9th May and at the same time handed over two substantial cheques for their chosen causes for the current year. Outgoing Interact President Maria Stuart thanked her 2016-17 committee of Vice President Emily Parkes, Secretary Niki Jones and Treasurer Megan Coleman for all their hard work. She also thanked the Senior Leadership Team at DGGS, the teachers and caretakers for all their support, and the members of Dover Rotary club for having originally sponsored the Interact club and for all support given by Rotarians throughout a year that contained a busy schedule of fundraising events. Special thanks were given to Rotarian Simon Hare for his liaison between the two clubs and for helping to organize the various events to raise monies for the Interact causes.
Treasurer Megan Coleman told those present the total raised throughout the year from such events as a Quiz, a Bingo night, a Year 7/8 disco and various other smaller initiatives within the school was £3,362.22 which was to be split between the two nominated causes being the local Kelly Turner Appeal and, on an international level, Picaflor House in Peru. President Maria reminded people Picaflor House is an after-school programme which helps disadvantaged children in the mountain village of Oropesa near Cusco in Peru. The project provides free help with school work, healthy meals and a safe place off the streets when they are not at state school (it is mornings only) to enjoy other activities such as traditional dancing, art and sport. There are currently 80 children enrolled at the project.
Cheques were presented to representatives from each nominated cause Rotarian and Assistant District Governor Don Soppitt, representing the Kelly Turner Appeal (Kelly was sitting an art exam at the time of the meeting and her parents were assisting her over the examination period), received a cheque in the sum of £1681.11 and said a few words on the significance of research into Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Cancer. John Wiggell MBE, current president of Dover Rotary Club, received a similar cheque for Picaflor House.  A video message from Picaflor House in Peru was played in which the project's manager, Laura Hoskins, thanked the Dover Interactors for their fund raising and generosity, wished them luck in their exams and also wished the new Interact committee well for their year in charge.
President Maria Stuart then officially handed over the reins to Owen Esson, President for 2017-18, who introduced his new committee of Vice President Ella Chatterton Daniels, Treasurer Maisie Batts and Secretary Kitty Bushell. Head teacher, Bob Benson, thanked everyone for attending the presentations and handover arrangements and for their ongoing support to the students. He emphasised the importance of instilling a sense of community service into young people and applauded the Interact Club at his school for supporting both local and international good causes.