Daniel Knox, University of Kent

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A ‘squadron’ of drones is kept at Kent university to help computing department students in their class work, members of Dover Rotary Club were told recently.
Guest speaker was computer scientist Daniel Knox of the Department of Computing at the university who explained, with the use of a video, how the airborne craft can work together as would be useful in transferring carried loads.
Mr Knox, telling how the speed of technology was increasing, displayed some of the computing machines used including 3D printers and laser cutters. He also detailed the many types of products that can result, including his own displayed gold wedding ring which was designed by computers in the department.
When questioned, he said each year there were around 600 applicants for places in the department of whom 200 were selected annually to join the department’s 1,000 students. In his opinion most first year students arriving at the department had very little knowledge of engineering, even how to use a screw driver and other tools. This, he submitted, was the result of the reduction in workshop training today in secondary schools.