Dieter Jaenicke, Maritime Training

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The thirty-year journey from a business start in Castle Street to becoming a world leader in Marine Training with iconic headquarters based in Whitfield was described to Dover Rotarians by Dieter Jaenicke, Chairman and Founder of Viking Recruitment Limited, when he was the guest speaker at the club’s most recent meeting.

Dieter with his wife Jill established their business in Castle Street in 1988 before finally basing their business in 2011 at Viking House in Whitfield. By managing cruise ships for Windstar Cruises, Holland America Line and Royal Yachts of Oman among others and diversifying the base of their business the Jaenicke family now oversees a business that is a world leader in Marine training having offices in Southampton, Guernsey, Manila in the Philippines and Auckland New Zealand. The interaction between the New Zealand and Whitfield offices enables the business to run constantly for twenty-four hours a day worldwide.

In addition to recruitment the business runs courses to enable masters, officers and watch personnel on seagoing merchant ships to obtain qualifications under The 1978 International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (or STCW). The Whitfield complex offers a flexible modern state of the art environment which caters for all aspects of the marine sectors and operators and its goal is to provide a solid educational pathway for those undertaking and advancing a career at sea. The facilities include a fire training ground, a medical training suite, a lifeboat centre and a fully equipped Marine Survival Complex. Awarded the Merchant Navy Medal in 2010 for services to the Maritime Industry and the training of cadets Dieter indicated that soon after the completion of the most recent phase of development at Whitfield he was visited by the Princess Royal, as the Master of Trinity House, who showed a great interest in the facilities offered by the complex which offers all courses for those undertaking a marine career and who have to be validated as to their suitability every five years.

Showing no signs of wishing to retire Dieter Jaenicke described ambitious plans for a further phase of development at Whitfield, his links with local schools, colleges and other institutions as well as the value in economic terms his business brings to the local area.

Terry Sutton thanked Dieter Jaenicke for his most enlightening and interesting talk and moved a vote of thanks which was responded to with acclamation by the members present.