Rtn Ian Wright, RC Canterbury

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A hairbreadth difference in the design of the coin in your pocket can make a huge difference to its value to a collector, an expert explained to our members on Thursday 20th April. Some of the coins he spoke about are worth thousands of pounds, one mentioned was said to be worth £200,000.
Ian Wright from Whitfield, a member of Canterbury Rotary Club, described different coinage from the 70 BC “units”, through the Roman era and Anglo-Saxon period to more modern times-2000 years of history. Some more modern coins (including the few minted during the short reign of Edward VIII) are more valuable than Roman coins because there are plenty of the latter. Some Edward VIII coins are worth £50,000.

When Rtn Ian retired from the health service (he played a key role in decommissioning St Augustine’s mental hospital near Canterbury) he took up coin collecting as a hobby, enjoyed it so much he now deals in coins commercially.