+Trevor Willmott, Bishop of Dover

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The Bishop of Dover told fellow members of Dover Rotary Club that he believes leaving the EU, as a result of the Brexit vote, is the biggest mistake the UK could make.
The Right Reverend Trevor Willmott, an honorary member of the 49-member club, was the guest speaker at The Ramada when he revealed his plans when he retires as Bishop in May next year. He will be off from Canterbury to live in Somerset.
+Trevor, who accepted “We live in interesting times,” expressed concern about the increasing amount of mental illness in young people, many of whom felt their future was being taken away from them. He believed the friendship and relationship offered by the Rotary movement could help to keep that anxiety at bay.
He praised the quality of friendship that was so evident in Rotary Clubs and appreciated the friendship he had enjoyed with the Dover club.
Questioned about the future of the Church, the Bishop suggested there was too much concern over finance and the maintenance of buildings. “We need to leave buildings behind and get out into the community to fight the injustice that is so evident,” he said.
The Bishop reminded members his next visit to Dover was very shortly to inaugurate a monument plaque on the sea front dedicated to those refugees who had died trying to cross the Channel for a new life in the United Kingdom.