John Morgan, PHF

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The Rotary Club of Dover has recognised the exceptional and outstanding service contribution to the town of Dover by a born and bred activist and campaigner, John Morgan of Barton Road Dover, by giving him the award of a Paul Harris Fellow. Other than Life Membership the award is the highest honour a Rotary Club can bestow on an individual and takes its name from the recognised founder of the international movement, Paul P. Harris, a Chicago lawyer who formed with others the first Rotary Club in Chicago on 23 February 1905 so professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas, form meaningful, lifelong friendships, and give back to their communities.
Mr Morgan, 71, a retired and well respected former Legal Executive with Messrs Bradleys solicitors, with whom he had been associated just shie of 50 years, has been actively engaged in town and community life for decades. A former school governor he is a member of the Dover Society having served as a Committee Member and been active with those reclaiming and maintaining Cowgate Cemetery. He has been the Chairman of River Tennis Club for many years and is a very active anti-litter campaigner who is to be seen in working parties at various times of the year helping to keep the River Dour free of the rubbish that thoughtless people deposit in the local river. Additionally, and quite voluntarily each year he litter picks in the local cemeteries to keep them free of litter as well as litter picking in other areas of Dover throughout the year. He has frequently joined with the local Rotary clubs on their targeted litter picks in such places as St Mary’s Primary School playground, at Green Lane on the Buckland Estate, and Shatterlocks Primary School as well as independently regularly clearing litter from Old Charlton Road. A lifelong member of the local Conservative Association he has been a regular candidate in elections for the local authorities and he devotes some of such spare time as he has among his other activities and interests attending Barton Road Primary School to assist young pupils with their reading.

For all these and other activities undertaken without reward and quite voluntarily President Dave Smith of the Rotary Club of Dover told Mr Morgan his nomination for this special award was agreed by the appropriate members of the club unanimously. The award was presented at the latest meeting of the club and Mr Morgan, who was clearly taken by surprise at his recognition, was rendered speechless but expressed his gratitude to the club for the honour given to him by the Rotarians. Also present at the meeting were two former work colleagues Peter Sherred PHF and Reg Hoare – all three meet monthly to maintain friendship.