Richard Barton,Team Malawi

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The thirst for education among the young in the African country of Malawi was emphasised during a lunchtime talk to our members. Guest speaker was Richard Barton, 49 years a UK teacher now retired, Chairman of the charity Team Malawi which is heavily engaged in providing educational facilities in the former British protectorate then known as Nyasaland. The population of the South East African country is now around 17 million.
Mr Barton, accompanied by his daughter Annie, told of the charity’s latest project of raising £11,500 to provide a primary school. He gave examples of how education was helping children in their careers.
He showed pictures of overcrowded nursery schools and open air secondary schools where there was a dire shortage of pencils and paper. Only one per cent of the students went on to further education - and only then if they and their families could afford the fees.
Responding to questions, he said there were signs of increasing Chinese influence, especially in the provision of roads and infrastructure.

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