Philip Smye-Rumsby

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Philip Smye-Rumsby, managing director of the Dover-based marine electronics company Smye-Rumsby Ltd, was the guest speaker on Thursday (25th) at Dover Rotary Club when he explained the latest in shipping navigation.
Philip, although not a Rotarian, is the holder of the organisation’s highest award, a Paul Harris Fellowship, for his voluntary work in the community, especially the Scouting movement.
In his PowerPoint presentation he focused on the history of the compass with the earliest examples in use, he said, in 200 BC. Philip explained the difference between magnetic north and true north and told how it is possible to use the hands on a wrist watch to act as a compass. His talk ranged over the various types of compasses used on ships and why compensation had to be used on ships with metal work. He described gyroscope compasses and went on to advanced satellite technology which he and his Snargate Street company installed on ships of many sizes.
It was recalled at the meeting how his father Bernard settled in Dover, where he had been stationed at the end of the war, and how he established the company that had since grown in a wide range of two-way radio communication, CCTV and marine electronics.