Stefan Walters, Operation Raleigh, Nepal

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Dover plumber Stefan Walters, 25, travelled with a team to Nepal from  Raleigh International and fell in love with the place and its people. So much in love with one, Mnamrata, that he’s now waiting to go back to get married to her.
Stefan, educated at St Edmund’s school, told members of Dover Rotary Club of his experiences while in Nepal and how he felt on returning to Dover.
“Before I went to Nepal I was warned it would prove a culture shock. In fact, the culture shock came when I returned to Dover and realised the differences,” said Stefan who screened photographs of his time in Nepal.
He explained, that at just coming up to the age of 25 at the time, he was at Raleigh’s age limit and so was one of the eldest in the team. His three month task as a plumbing engineer was designed to help in water sanitation and hygiene. One feature he noticed was that women played a major role in the community because most of the men were away, working abroad. The community in Nepal was very family orientated so much so that it was considered a little rude to call anyone by their first name. Compared to the people he saw in Dover there were so many more happy faces in Nepal.
Questioned, he said he intended to return to Nepal permanently. He would not earn sufficiently as a plumber in Nepal but he hoped to be able to set up some kind of education centre.
*Raleigh International was previously known as Operation Raleigh and was founded by Colonel John Blashford Snell who, at one stage, was stationed in Dover while in charge of the Junior Leaders’ Regiment, Royal Engineers, at Old Park Barracks, Whitfield.