Clearance Days

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Teams from Dover Rotary Club were out and about at for a weekend in May clearing overgrown vegetation from gardens and walls where it was in danger of obstructing pedestrians. It was part of the club’s Service to the Community campaign.

One big job tackled was clearing years of overgrown ivy from the Castle Hill Road wall that surrounds the gardens of Victoria Park. This wall overlooks the pavement taken by thousands of visitors heading for Dover Castle.

The club spokesman explained: “Each year Rotary Clubs set aside a day of community service. The Dover Rotarians have previously carried out litter clearance but this time, for a change, we tackled overgrown vegetation. In short it was a tall ask, a challenging exercise and the troops worked magnificently so the immediate task in hand was completed notwithstanding wind, rain, hail and even some sunshine thrown in for good measure. Actually people seemed genuinely to enjoy the experience and look at the results!"