Team Malawi

The Rotary Club of Dover is currently working to support Team Malawi, a family-run charity working in the north and south of Malawi which they consider to be neglected by other charitable bodies. The twin aims of Team Malawi are education and the relief of poverty, which are two sides of the same coin.

Team Malawi believes education to be the most effective way of overcoming poverty. They are committed to working in partnership with Malawians to transform the prospects of the next generation by providing teaching resources to Pre-schools and Primaries, bursaries at Secondary Schools and skills training for adults.

The key focus of our Club’s involvement is two-fold.

We are seeking to raise money to assist in the building of a classroom at Nkhunguni Primary School which is beyond the ends of the earth in Northern Malawi - there are currently no classrooms at all other than a grass shelter. The children have to stand up in the rainy season as the floor is too muddy. The classroom will cost about £11,000.


Secondly, we are looking to support Grace Mwale, who is studying to become a Clinical Officer (Northern Malawi’s first female Clinical Officer). She will do almost everything a doctor does, including Caesarean sections. Her fees left until she graduates are around £2k. These include tuition and residential accommodation.


Over and above £5,000, we can contribute towards the cost of reading books, with a library for each primary school costing in the region of £500 only.

How are we setting about raising the money?

Primarily, through two major fundraising events. Firstly, a Quiz Evening on 22nd November 2018 at Cullins Yard which raised £1116.50. Then, on 18th May 2019, we are holding a Barn Dance at St Margaret's Village Hall.

We have also successfully applied for a Rotary District Grant which has contributed £770.00 towards our target.

Chris Scoble of our Youth Opportunities committee is working with Rotakids to further support our efforts, and we are also delighted to work with the Interact Club at Dover Girls’ Grammar School, both on this project and their own.


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