The Nepal Trust

Club president Tony has long been associated with a charity called the Nepal Trust. Generally, it seeks to bring basic humanitarian needs to remote areas of that country in the form of Health Posts, micro-hydro projects and clean water supplies.

However, the project Tony would like the club to support is a departure from that norm. Like so many places in the world, girls in many parts of Nepal suffer a cultural prejudice when undergoing their menstrual cycle. This, as well as bringing a great emotional strain at a difficult time can impact greatly on their education too. This, in turn, can affect their long-term prospects when following their chosen career path. Sadly, many girls drop out of education because of the cultural pressure they endure.

The plan is to provide a package of support for individual schools. The package will comprise education and awareness to tackle the stigma and prejudice many girls face, a small incinerator at the school for disposal of pads and a supply of locally-sourced pads to distribute amongst the girls.

The estimated cost of a school package is 1500 Euros. So, the more we raise the greater number of schools we can support. We would hope to have additional support from The Rotary Foundation and our Contact Clubs in France and Germany.

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